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Step 1: Apply to Oakton Community College

If you are not currently a Oakton Community College student. Click on the Apply Now Icon.

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Step 2: Learn about the EMT Program

Check out Oakton's Website for the FIR 220 (EMT) Course.  We are a division of Business and Career Technologies. Fire Science 220 (EMT) Course. Click on the link below.

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Step 3: Search for current semester offerings:

Click on the class credit search. Search by Term first.

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Subject: Fire Science

Course Number: 220

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Step 4: Register for FIR 220 Course

Once you know you which section you are interested in taking, you can register for the course online, or in person.  Click the link below for more information.

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Step 5: Pay your tuition on time

Many students forget their tuition due dates, and get dropped from the EMT program due to this reason.  It is important to remember to pay before the deadline. The payment due date is located on your tuition invoice.

Step 6: Visit Health Services and Study!

Once you are successfully registered or enrolled in the course, and have paid your tuition, do not forget to complete your health immunization requirements before the first day of class. As well start reading your textbook and come prepared to class.